Regular pistachio kernel

Sadaf Sabz Company uses its modern high-tech facilities to crack closed shell or open shell pistachios (depending on order) to supply its customers with best quality pistachio kernels. Closed shell pistachio kernels are smaller than open shell pistachio kernels. The color is different as well.
The specifications are written in the table below.

Type of kernel

Regular whole kernel from closed or open shell pistachios (depending on order)

Sadaf Sabz Packaging

In 10kg or 12.5kg vacuumed poly bags.

Shelf Life

Best before 24 months

Storage Condition

Cool dry place. Away from direct sunlight


Reddish, purple, and brown skin, green and yellow inside.



Harvesting time

very late August to early October


Naturally pistachioʼs aroma


Regular pistachio kernel