Pistachios in shell

Pistachios are known as royal nuts. Pistachios can be used raw or roasted as snacks. Pistachio products can be used in food recipes to enrich the taste of foods or enhance nutrition value of of the meal. Also, pistachio products are used for decoration or as a kind of spice in food. The industries in which pistachios are used most are poultry, confectionary, bakery, and spice.

There are three variation of pistachios in terms of commercial varieties,

Round: Fandoghi
Long: Akbari, Ahmadaghayi (AA), Badami
Jumbo: Kallehghouchi

(Sadaf Sabz supplies closed shell pistachios as well)

These three different commercial varieties have different kind with different sizes.

Closed shell pistachio

All types of pistachios have closed shells. Kernels are are derived from shelling closed shell pistachios. closed shell pistachios are exported to many countries all around the world such as, China, Taiwan, Europe, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.







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